New Horizons!

Exterior of the building

By the time that you read this we shall have moved to our long awaited new premises which are located in the car-park of Burley Gate Village Hall. The move took place over the weekend of 16th/17th April after a “trial run” of six months in the  former Shop and Post Office at Burley Gate corner. The end of a very long era on this site which started in 1881.

We are now looking forward to serving the local community from the new Shop and Post Office which is an attractive 40 feet long x 12 feet wide porta- cabin. Not perhaps the usual type of premises but one which has been used most successfully in other locations notably at Alfrick just over the border in Worcestershire who have been most generous in their advice and assistance.

The additional space will give us the opportunity to expand our stock and to add even more variety to the items we have already  included during our trial period in the “old” shop. However,  due to the lack of “back room” space which we had previously it will be necessary to make slight adjustments to our newspaper provision but rest assured that we will make sure that all  expectations are met. We are very much driven by our customer demand and have seriously considered all suggestions which have been made over the past six months. Some, due to space restrictions have had to be delayed but they will certainly be taken into account in our planning of the extra shelf space. This expansion will not happen all at once as it will take a little time for us to get the feel of the new Shop and how our customers use it.  An additional feature which we hope to add in the very near future is a small cafe area at the end of the Shop where our customers can stop for a chat over a cup of coffee or tea. This area will also feature community notices of local events etc. and items for sale.

We were set up as a Community Benefit Society so we hope that you will continue to support us to provide this essential service. In order to do this we urgently need more volunteers who are prepared to give up a few hours of their time. Those who already work in the Shop have found it a most enjoyable experience and we are sure you would too. If you are interested please leave your details in the Shop or ring Julia on 01432 820242 and we will get back to you. In the meantime please keep your suggestions coming in and we hope to see you very soon. Our opening hours will continue as at present.

Thank you.     Burley Gate Community Shop Management Committee