December Update

We have been trading for over a month now so we are getting an idea how we are performing against our forecasts.
We have increased the range of goods on offer and are adding to them all the time. The turnover has increased and we are ahead of our initial projections in spite of still trading from the old shop site. Thank you for your support and we are encouraged by all the positive comments we are getting.

The Post Office is also busier than we expected and we are getting lots of other customers as well as locals. Maybe this is because of easier parking and less queuing compared to some of the bigger Post Offices.

We are very grateful for all the volunteers who help in the shop. It can be a bit daunting when you start something different and new but everyone has coped and enjoyed the social atmosphere! Not one of them has said they don’t wish to continue helping –isn’t that great!

Inevitably managing the shop involves a lot of work especially for a few people. We have decided to advertise for a part time assistant to help running the shop. It was always our intention to have part time staff as well as volunteers and because the shop is doing well we are bringing the time scale forward.

Are you interested in a part time job helping in Burley Gate Community Shop? We are looking for someone who gets on well with people, is organised, trustworthy and flexible.

For more information please call 01432 820242 and leave a message with your name and contact details.

Finally we are working towards moving into our new premises. It has / is very frustrating but it seems everything has to be done in a set timescale. We will move in the New Year, but have no date yet. We will be able to offer more and a larger range when we do move and hope to attract more passing trade as we will be more visible.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.