November Update

We are pleased to say that the Community Shop and Post Office is progressing well and seems to be suiting the needs of our customers if the number of compliments we have received are anything to go by.  Post Office Ltd. Public Consultation on the change of location has now ended but we understand that a decision will not be made until late this year. This will mean that our move to our new premises in the Village Hall car park cannot take place until the New Year.  This is very frustrating for us and for our customers as we cannot achieve our full potential until the extra space is available. However, our enforced stay in the current premises is giving our volunteers a chance to get to grips with retail practices and more importantly to get to know our users and their requirements.

We are stocking the Shop with new products. We are consumer led on this so if there are things that you would like to buy from the Shop please let us know and we will put them on the list. Customers have asked us to supply local produce which we are keen to do so in addition to the usual grocery items we are now selling:

  • More fruit and veg which is sourced locally when available.
  • Locally made home baked cakes.
  • Locally made pies (fantastic and a best seller!)
  • Wye Valley & Olivers local beers and ciders.
  • Local free range eggs which allows us to be cheaper than some roadside prices! (even cheaper if you bring your own egg boxes).

Like any commercial enterprise we have to make a profit to survive, but as we keep our overheads low and staff the Shop with volunteers we can make our prices competitive. We are not expecting to compete with supermarkets but we expect to be able to supply last minute and top-up requirements.

The provision and payment of newspapers and magazines are under current discussion and we would like to make some slight alterations to the present arrangements.  Shareholders have already been notified of our concerns but rest assured that adequate notice will be given before any changes are made.

Due to the lack of business and volunteer coverage we have had to make a slight alteration to our hours of opening on Wednesday and Sunday. On Wednesday both the Shop and P.O. will close at 12.30pm and our Sunday hours will be from 8.30am to 11.30am.  We hope that this will not inconvenience you too much but please let us have any comments you would like to make – our “Comments Bucket” is just inside the Shop entrance door. We are still very much in need of additional volunteers to ensure  coverage of our opening hours so please consider if you are able to give us- i.e. the local community – a few hours of your time.( Details from Julia on 01432 820242 or ask in the Shop).

Thank you to all who have supported us and especially to our new customers. We hope that you had an enjoyable experience and that we shall see you again?

Burley Gate Community Shop & Post Office Management Committee.