Post Office Consultation

As you are all aware the Post Office is going to be relocated in our new building at the village hall. We have now been told by Post Office Ltd that there has to be a public consultation. Unfortunately we had not been informed of this previously and inspite of us pointing out that we have held public meetings, which all overwhelmingly endorsed retaining the Post Office facility in the new location, the public consultation has to go ahead.

This is very frustrating as it means yet another delay to starting in our new building, as the process will take 12+ weeks.  We also have the issue that Gill and Bernard are leaving for a well earned break in America,  so they are unable to remain open while Post Office Ltd do their public consultation. We also know that if there is a break in service we are likely to loose the Post Office contract.

Fortunately, Gill and Bernard have been very helpful and are allowing the Community Shop to open temporarily in the existing shop. This is not ideal but at least it will allow us to keep the Post Office and we will start trading. We will have our official opening when we move into the new premises in the new year. With the extra space we will then be able to extend the range we offer.

Thank you Gill and Bernard.

A copy of the consultation letter is available for you to pick up at Burley Gate Post Office. However there are a couple of mistakes!

  • The new sub postmaster is Martin Hoskins.
  • The Community Shop are employing a manager, Susan Carss, in addition to volunteers.

During the public consultation Post Office Ltd are looking for positive comments as well as any concerns. If you support the relocation of the Post Office to the new Community Shop it is important that you respond and voice your support.

On the consultation letter the full details regarding responding are listed. The easiest are either:

  • online –
  • email –
  • Telephone – 03457 223344
  • Text – 03457 223355
  • Letter – ‘Freepost Your Comments’ (no stamp needed and this is sufficient address)

Please make sure your responses are received before November 3rd. YOU WILL NEED TO QUOTE THE BRANCH CODE which is